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like a fly to ur web
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
:bulletred: Meet the Meme Team :bulletblue:

Roleplay account: :iconhari-ng-tundo:

An inappropriate asshole. Nicknamed Tei. Can also be called Sig but prefers the former. 14. Female. Demiromantic Asexual. Eye-bag game hella strong. Trying to survive on ice cold coffee and five hours of sleep. Has too many commitments, but keeps joining various orgs nonetheless. Breaking Bad is life. Along with Game of Thrones.


MA: Ronoh Nakhj CXX by sigalawin
MA: Ronoh Nakhj CXX
Name: Peter 'Piran Ronoh' Nakhj CXX
Nickname/s: Ronoh
Faction: Superbia
Nephesh: Ring (Deus form) Metal Arm Band (Daemon form, on left arm)

Age: 18
Gender: Male
Height: 196 cm/6'5 ft  
Weight: 79 kg
Nationality: Australian (Of South and Central American descent, predominantly Colombian and Brazillian)

History: He had originally been born to an ordinary family, residing in a humble apartment complex in a small neighborhood.

Everything would've turned out fine if only they hadn't been living beside a firebug.

When he was 4 years old, a fire that was started by their one of their neighbors engulfed half of the building as the residents were deep in slumber. It left multiple casualties, including his parents who had shielded him from the embers to save him.
After being rescued and treated for his burns, he was put into a foster home where he was cared for and pampered. Eventually he got adopted, at the age of 6, by a couple who showered him with love and affection.
Growing up, he experienced all the sorts of things that most teenagers would naturally go through. He did make a lot of friends at school, and he was pretty well-known around campus, although not exactly for the reasons you'd want to be popular for.
He wasn't really bullied for his physical appearance, and neither did he actually have much remorse for what happened to him and his real parents. He was mostly known for being that one kid who always, always got in trouble.  
It was alright, though, because none of these really fazed or bothered him.
It was all fine.

Personality: An embodiment of kinetic energy, ever moving and ever changing, resulting into the combustion and chaos of whatever surrounds him.

Living in the moment would be the best way to sum up his approach to life. Impulsive and spontaneous, he's a thrillseeker with a built-in restlessness that loves trying out and experience anything new, often jumping into things without thinking twice.

Playful with a good sense of humor, he's very sociable and loves hanging out with different kinds of people, often able to get along with most. Despite this, he prefers keeping things fast-paced and skin-deep, not wanting to get serious or emotional.

Albeit being pretty loud and boisterous, he rarely actually shows what he's truly really feeling, which in turn makes him pretty insincere most of the time. In spite of being so reliant on his impulses, what he does have control of is showing his emotions. Most of the time he looks and acts silly, but when push comes to shove he can actually be pretty pragmatic and logical.

Weapon: Metal Belt (transformable)
Ferrokinesis (Metal Manipulation)
- Possesses the ability to manipulate metal. This includes shaping, compressing, liquefying, or fusing metallic materials. However, the amount of metal he can control would only be proportionate to and limited by what power he has.

:bulletred: Really, really superficial
:bulletred: Not good with commitments, usually just avoids them
:bulletred: No loyalties, can be a really huge dick most of the time
:bulletred: Short-sighted and rarely thinks of consequences
:bulletred: Can be pretty forgetful

:bulletred: Not so good with long-ranged attacks, and is really impatient when it comes to aiming and such
:bulletred: Not familiar with his ability that much, so he wouldn't be able to use its potential due to his own inexperience
:bulletred: Can be really reckless when it comes to battle, and at times can even accidentally hurt a teammate

:bulletgreen: Has a good fashion sense, yes of course that's a strength.
:bulletgreen: Objective, can keep his emotions in line.
:bulletgreen: No loyalties, he rarely gets attached or sentimental for others(unless its his family)
:bulletgreen: Adaptable and can easily adjust to new things
:bulletgreen: Easily moves on and lets go of things

:bulletgreen: He's quite the athlete, so he's pretty fit physically
:bulletgreen: Good with melee combat
:bulletgreen: Can work well both independently and with a team

- Loves baseball
- His favourite website is probably 9gag or reddit
- Flirty at times
- Actual memelord
- Loves eating

Terms of Agreement:

    I hereby agree that my character is an active part of the story and will accept any changes that will happen to him/her/them given that said changes were objectively designated by the admins.

i can confirm that ronoh is actually a magneto toph beifong catcher in the rye firelord zuko ben ten lovechild
those are his real parents
all of them
[DH] Art Trades p1 by sigalawin
[DH] Art Trades p1
+20 coin yee

1 more trade i will post later liES DOWN
MA: Ray Amarante by sigalawin
MA: Ray Amarante
Name: Randon Lance Amarante (Ray)
Rank: General
Faction: Avaritia
Nephesh: Dog Tag in Deus Form(… ) Serpent artifact in Daemon Form (see on the app)
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Height: 5'7 ft/173 cm
Weight: 132 pounds/60 kg
Nationality: American (Of mixed heritage, but predominantly Filipino)

History: Because of the passing of his mother leading to a strained relationship with his father, he had grown up under the care of his uncle- a DEA agent- ever since he was 5. His uncle was pragmatic and sort of strict, and as a kid, Ray initially didn't really like him, but as time passed by, his uncle sort of grew on him and Ray eventually started enjoying being in his company and being raised by him.
Up until he was 14 years old, everything was going pretty well for him, despite him not really getting along much with authority. He got pretty good grades and overall had a decent social life. However, due to a certain series of events while his uncle was out on a bust operation, his uncle was eventually rendered unable to control his legs and was thus bound to a wheelchair. He was left unable to take care of Ray or himself any longer. As much as Ray didn't want to leave him, his uncle forced him to go back to his father for his own good.
And so he did go back to his father, thus moving to a different state down south. His father was never really home, and because he was used to having the constant support of somebody, he wasn't used to the home environment he was currently in. Thus, he didn't really stay in much and often spent all of his time out and about. Sometimes he had even gotten himself in troublesome situations, but he always tried his best to keep out of them. This went on for years until one day, he suddenly found himself in Margedion Academy.

Ray is a witty, charming guy who wants himself to be seen by others as confident, and headstrong. Obvious as it may be, he has a huge ego and will resort to any measures to prove that he's right and you're not.

Though he acts bossy and domineering around other people most of the time, in reality he's actually very easygoing and laidback when it comes to everything else, especially when it comes to making decisions. And he acts that way mostly just for the sake of messing around with others, something which he thinks is really fun to do. Which means he's rarely ever genuinely serious about anything, even when he's genuinely in trouble.

This act he puts up, made him accustomed to casually bantering and arguing with other people, its pretty much how he makes friends. However, in turn he became sort of impersonal because he never really got used to having smalltalk and heart-to-heart conversations, and whenever faced with one he often tries to change the topic to something more interesting to him.

Weapon: Spear

:bulletblue:Water Manipulation
- Has the ability to shape, manipulate, and even create water, along with changing it from one state to another, such as turning it into water vapour or ice.
:bulletred: Inability to work with rules in general, whether or not he's the one following or implementing them
:bulletred: Difficulty forming meaningful bonds with other people
:bulletred: Doesn't really think of the consequences of his actions
:bulletred: Tendency to avoid commitment and responsibility
:bulletred: Can be pretty self-centered
:bulletred: Doesn't know and doesn't bother to know how to do basic things, such as cooking, cleaning, etc.

:bulletred: Doesn't really work well with handling a team in battle
:bulletred: Can be more focused in showing off or playing rather than actually winning
:bulletred: Not good with melee/close combat
:bulletgreen: Has good memory
:bulletgreen: Very resourceful and creative
:bulletgreen: Easily understands abstract concepts and ideas
:bulletgreen: Pretty intelligent
:bulletgreen: No loyalties, although this can also be seen as a weakness

:bulletgreen: Good at coming up with battle tactics
:bulletgreen: Doesn't buckle under pressure and can work independently with finesse
:bulletgreen: Great when it comes to ranged attacks
- Nicki Minaj
- Really into pop culture for some reason
- Inside jokes are a favourite thing, even if he's the only one that gets it
- Doesn't really comb his hair lol


actual SHSL baby ray amarante

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